About Us


Maximum Impact was established with the goal of assisting Israelis in answering an important question: How can I donate my resources to generate the greatest positive impact?


We’re passionate about this question because research has shown the impact of an outstanding social program can far surpass that of an average one by as much as 50 times. By working to identify high-performing organizations, we hope to exponentially increase the amount of good accomplished with the same level of support. If you’d like to gain more insight into our motivating mission, you can hear all about us in the Hayot Kiss podcast (Hebrew).

We conduct and publish cost-effectiveness studies on Israeli charities and social organizations as part of our work. Organizations demonstrating highly effective programs supported by strong evidence receive an Excellence Award. We also provide donation recommendations to help local donors maximize their donations’ impact. 


The first research cohort concluded in the Summer of 2023. It involved 160 applicant organizations, with 21 ultimately publishing cost-effectiveness analyses of their programs after 10-month process. 


Maximum Impact is a project of Effective Altruism Israel (NPO, see guidestar) , an independent social organization collaborating with the global Effective Altruism network and leading Israeli partners. Our goal is to help Israelis maximize the impact of their social contributions.

We are fully funded by private donors who share our vision of a world where donations yield the most social impact. We do not take commissions or receive funding from profiled organizations. Donations can also be made directly to Maximum Impact in support of our work.

Our Values

We are guided by several core values. Firstly, we have a strong desire to help others to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, we prioritize empirically and research-based social action wherever feasible. While not all important impacts can be measured, approaches that cannot demonstrate effectiveness in some way bear a heavier burden of proof. Finally, transparency and honesty underpin everything we do.

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